Workshop & Study Committee



1) The ENEA Workshop and Study Committee (WSC) is a subcommittee of the European Neuroendocrine Association (ENEA).

2) The ENEA Workshop and Study Committee was created in 2008 to respond to a need of the Society to be present in the international community more often than once every two year with the ENEA Congress. The purpose of WSC is to ensure the visibility of researchers working in the field of Neuroendocrinology and promote their involvement in the ENEA activities. In return, WSC is committed in using its accessibility to the researchers in order to increase the number of ENEA members

3) The WSC activities are dedicated to ENEA members only. The project includes the organization of a meeting dedicated to one neuroendocrine theme that has a two-phase organization:

a)       a classical workshop with symposia, round tables, oral communication and posters all with the theme of the year

b)       a collaborative study to collect data on that theme in order to provide publications, internationally recognized, on behalf of the Society. Even to this part, only ENEA members are allowed to participate. We also noticed that the lack of a journal for the ENEA would have represented a limitation since all data should have been published in journals probably owned by other societies.

4) The subcommittee is subordinate to the ENEA and shares the ENEA headquarters.


1) Only ENEA members are eligible to take part in the WSC activities.

2) The candidates will have to be motivated to actively participate in the WSC activities by providing patients/related material for each study.

3) Candidates can respond to the call for each Study that is announced one year prior to the relevant Workshop, by contacting the WSC Chair.


1) The officers of the WSC are the Chair, two Components, one local organizer and one representative from the ENEA executive committee.

2) The WSC Chair shall be elected by the ENEA Executive Committee and shall serve for four years. The Chair cannot be reelected for a second term. The Chair is responsible in communicating with the ENEA Executive Committee during their annual meetings

3) The Components of the WSC shall be elected by the ENEA Executive Committee in coordination with the WSC Chair. They must be ENEA members. They will serve for a period of four years. The local organizer will serve for four years (two until the hosted Workshop is concluded and another two years until the conclusion of the study).

4) Announcements for the Chair and the WSC Components shall be made six months before the end of term. The Chair shall contact the ENEA Executive Committee and ask for nominations.

The WSC will serve for the duration of two workshops. The new WSC officers will be elected at the end of the second workshop.

5) The ENEA Executive Committee shall have the right to nominate the WSC officers.


The Workshop is organized every two years never in the year of the ENEA Congress to avoid any interference with the financial support to ENEA.

Any ENEA member (by at least 4 years with appropriate payment of their membership fee) can propose to host an ENEA workshop and suggest the topic. This request should be communicated to the WSC Chair. The WSC Chair will discuss with the Components and the ENEA executive committee representative. The WSC Chair shall present the symposium concept/s to the ENEA Executive Committee for discussion and approval. Final approval is confirmed by the ENEA executive committee.

The proposal of the Workshop should keep the original format of one dedicated neuroendocrine theme. An international data collection on the proposed theme is an essential part of the Workshop.

The organization of the Workshop and the study is committed to the Organizer together with the WSC. All the WSC members serve in the program organizing committee of the Workshop.  

The study is discussed and approved with the WSC first and then proposed to the assembly during the Workshop. The Organizer and the WSC have two years to complete the study and present the results.

The WSC has the purpose to increase attention of investigators worldwide to neuroendocrinology, propose ENEA as the referring society for this theme, increase the financial support to ENEA (the net profit of the ENEA workshop should be given to the society) and propose study results on behalf of ENEA. Any deficit on the meeting will be absorbed by the ENEA.


WSC is a subordinate of the ENEA and as such does not require additional membership fees


These rules may be amended. Notice in writing of such a propose amendment must be given to the WSC Chair who will inform all the WSC Components and ENEA Executive Committee representative  about the proposed amendment.


The termination of the WSC shall be proposed by at least one third of members and voted by two third of the members. This decision shall be communicated by the WSC Chair to the ENEA Executive Committee and discussed. The final decision rests on the ENEA.


Chair: Günter K Stalla (Germany) 2017-2021
ENEA ExCo representative: Thierry Brue
Components: Niki Karavitaki (UK), Gerald Raverot (France)
LOC: Elena Grineva (Russia) 2015-2019
LOC: Gregory Kaltsas (Greece) 2017-2021