Rolf Gaillard Prize


The European NeuroEndocrine Association – ENEA awards the Rolf Gaillard Prize for outstanding lifetime contribution to the field of neuroendocrinology. The prize is funded from the “Fondation pour la recherche en Endocrinologie, Diabétologie et Métabolisme” founded by Rolf Gaillard in Lausanne (Switzerland) with €15.000 and is awarded to an ENEA member that has made substantial advances in basic and/or clinical neuroendocrine research.

The awardee will receive a medal during a ceremony that will take place during an ENEA meeting (congress or workshop) and is under obligation to deliver a lecture during that event. The travel costs and congress registration of the awardee are covered by the Foundation.

The prize committee consists of the ENEA Executive Committee members and one member of the Foundation (the Vice-President), who will elect one member among them to lead the procedure.

Nominations shall be made by the ENEA Executive Committee and/or by external contributors that are ENEA members. No self-nominations are allowed. There is no call for nominations, but the prize will be displayed on the ENEA website and on flyers, so that all ENEA members are aware of its existence and the possibility to nominate their leading-in-the-field peers to the Executive Committee.

Applications have to be sent via email to

Amendment, October 2016

1. The nominee should not be serving as ENEA officer (including President, President elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and executive committee member) at the time of nomination. Nominations on members of the ENEA Executive Committee will not be considered while the member is in term.

2. The prize committee shall consist of the whole ENEA Executive Committee and the Vice-President of the Fondation pour la recherche en Endocrinologie, Diabétologie et Métabolisme.

Past winners

2015: Günter K Stalla (Germany)
2016: Annamaria Colao (Italy)
2017: Albert Beckers (Belgium)
2018: Philippe Chanson (France)
2019: Susan Webb (Spain)