Letter from the President (October 2014)

Napoli October 22nd 2014

Dear friends and colleagues,
Dear ENEA members,

It is more than one month that we celebrated the Congress in Sofia in a friendly environment of a terrific scientific quality. The warm Bulgarian atmosphere has left to all of us very good memories and we thank Sabina Zacharieva and her group for their excellent work. Indeed, we have had the opportunity to follow and appreciate an outstanding program organized and chaired by Alberto Pereira together with the program committee members, who successfully dedicated their precious time to our Society.

Now it’s time to move to other interesting meetings, and we already look forward to meet all friends in Marseille for the IV ENEA Workshop dedicated to acromegaly in December 2015. The venue will be certainly fascinating and Thierry Brue and his group are organizing a very good program that will be followed by the international study on acromegaly, as now routine practice for the ENEA workshops.

I profit of this occasion, to inform all of you that the first ENEA study dedicated to Cushing’s syndrome, the MISSION study, is going to be completed during this year. We included almost 5000 patients with Cushing’s syndrome in the study, probably the largest patients population ever studied, and I’m proud to announce that all the top recruiters ENEA members will receive the draft paper for their evaluation very soon.

The second study dedicated to aggressive pituitary tumors, the AMORE study, is ongoing and we are now investigating to the first dataset results including more than 600 patients, to provide the first report in the middle of 2015. As you know the AMORE study will remain open, so please include your patients with aggressive tumors into the database, since we have planned to provide more than one study in order to offer to many ENEA members the possibility to be authors of the papers. Together with Ilan Shimon we are also finalizing the third study dedicated to hypopituitarism, the HERO study, and you will receive an email by Martin Then once the database is completed. As you see, ENEA is very active and productive and in the future years there are other activities that will be born under the auspices of our Society.

I like to conclude this letter, the first in my current role of President of the Society, thanking Gunther Stalla for his enormous work that allow ENEA to enter into the status of a modern scientific Society. Rolf Gaillard, our very beloved president, left a strong and important heritage to carry on. Gunther continued Rolf’s work, humanity and friendship and I am personally very grateful to both of them, because without them I could not be here.

Hoping to meet you all very soon in our next meeting and certain of the enthusiasm that all of you put on ENEA, I send you my warmest greetings

Annamaria Colao
President ENEA 2014-2016