ENEA Young Researcher Committee

The ENEA Young Researchers Committee (EYRC) is a subcommittee of the European Neuroendocrine Association (ENEA). The subcommittee is subordinate to the ENEA and shares ENEA headquarters.

Purpose of EYRC

  • Increase ENEA visibility to the early career scientists and physicians
  • Communicate the opinions and scientific needs of the early career ENEA members to the ENEA
  • Organize an EYRC symposium during the ENEA meetings and workshops
  • Ensure that reduced membership, travel grants and prizes are provided for the early career ENEA members
  • Organize fundraising actions

Committee composition

The committee is composed of eight people: the Coordinator, six members and one ENEA executive committee representative. A broad geographical distribution must be ensured during the composition of the Committee.

The Coordinator and members are proposed by the EYRC and approved by the ENEA Ex Co. All ENEA members under/equal 40 years of age who have regularly paid the membership fee are eligible.

The duration of service for the Coordinator and members is four years. The Coordinator and the members cannot serve in the same office for a second consecutive term. The duration of service of the ENEA Ex Co representative coincides with the duration of his/her office. The Coordinator shall announce the openings for the EYRC composition six months before the end of term. Nominations shall be done by sending a letter of interest and curriculum vitae to the Coordinator. Voting shall be done electronically.  All EYRC members have the right to vote.

The EYRC shall have the right to nominate officers to work on specific problems, such as the EYRC portal in the ENEA website, social networking sites, educational online publications, career opportunities, funding, etc.

Duties of the Coordinator and Full Members

The Coordinator keeps the EYRC members up-dated on the activities, circulates ideas and proposals, communicates the EYRC actions to the ENEA ExCo and coordinates the decisions in agreement with the ENEA Ex Co. The Coordinator is in charge of keeping the minutes of the meetings and general agreements and circulating them by e-mail within the EYRC.

EYRC members should actively participate to the activities of the Committee and should attend all meetings. EYRC members who do not contribute to the Committee for a year will be asked to step down, other than in exceptional circumstances. EYRC members should declare potential conflict of interest and should take no part in the discussion.


EYRC members should meet during the ENEA congresses and workshops.

Two EYRC representatives (the Coordinator and one member) will be involved in the program organization of the biannual ENEA congress. One EYRC representative (the Coordinator or a member) will be involved in the program organization of the biannual ENEA workshop. The Coordinator will announce the call for the EYRC representative by email. The candidates shall be members of the EYRC and are expected to send their letter of interest and short curriculum vitae to the Coordinator. The EYRC will discuss the candidates and vote for the representative.

The EYRC shall organize a symposium during the ENEA congress and the ENEA workshop that will include only researchers under the age of 40 as speakers and chairpersons. The Coordinator shall present the symposium concept to the ENEA Ex Co and the Local Organizer for discussion and approval.

The Coordinator shall communicate with the ENEA President, Treasurer and the Local organizer about the possibility of hosting a one-day meeting before the biannual ENEA congress.


These rules may be amended. Notice in writing of such a propose amendment must be given to the EYCR Coordinator who will inform all members by email about the proposed amendment. EYRC members shall vote online. A two-thirds vote is needed for the amendment to be ruled.


The termination of the EYRC shall be proposed by at least one third of members and voted by two third of the members. This decision shall be communicated by the EYRC Coordinator to the ENEA Ex Co and discussed. The final decision on whether EYRC will be terminated or not rests on the ENEA.


Manuel Gahete (Spain) - Coordinator
Luis Perez-Rivas (Germany) - ExCo representative
Federico Gatto (Italy)
Cristina Olarescu (Norway)
Thomas Cuny (France)