1) The name of this association shall be “European Neuroendocrine Association” (ENEA).

2) The object of the Association shall be to promote the development of research in the field of Neuroendocrinology (basic research and clinical investigation) and to spread the knowledge of neuroendocrine physiology, pathophysiology and therapeutics.

3) The Association address is:

European Neuro-Endocrine Association
Avenue du Grey 38A
1004 Lausanne


1) Membership shall consist of ordinary, affiliate, honorary and corporate members.

2) Ordinary membership shall be confined to those who have interest in the pursuit of experimental or clinical investigation in the subject of Neuroendocrinology (anatomy, physiology, experimental pathology, biochemistry, biophysics and clinical investigation).

Candidates for ordinary membership shall have been present at a previous meeting of the ENEA.

Candidates may apply for membership by filling in the online application form. Candidates` nominations shall be accepted or rejected by the Executive Committee of the ENEA.

The ordinary members, only, shall have the right to vote in the election of officers and members of the Committee or on any motion aimed at any change in the rules of the Association.

3) Affiliate membership will be granted to interested parties who are at early career stage (MD/ PhD students, physicians in training, postdoctoral fellows in their first postdoc) and demonstrate professional interest in Neuroendocrinology, on the recommendation of one ordinary member of the ENEA. The affiliate member will pay a reduced membership fee for up to four calendar years. After that, the affiliate membership will automatically turn to ordinary.

4) Honorary membership shall be confined to persons of great distinction who have rendered exceptional service to the study of the Neuroendocrinology and related fields. Honorary members shall be proposed by ordinary members of the ENEA with a majority of two thirds of the voting members. Honorary members shall not be required to pay fees.

5) Corporate membership shall be granted to interested companies that are willing to demonstrate their interest to the ENEA by sponsoring activities, events and awards. The corporate members hold the right to advertise in the sponsored activity. The corporate members are given priority in selecting the time and location of their satellite symposium and the location of the company's booth at the exhibition during the ENEA meetings. The corporate member company may enjoy the endorsement of the ENEA on their activities, after approval of the Executive Committee.


1) The officers of the ENEA are the President, the President Elect, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and eight other members who constitute the Executive Committee. The elected organizer of the ENEA biannual scientific meeting will join the executive committee in order to facilitate its local tasks.

2) The President Elect shall be elected by the ordinary members and shall serve for two years. At the completion of the two-year term, the President Elect will automatically proceed to serve as the President of the Association for two years.

3) The President shall serve for two years as President Elect and two years as President. The President cannot be immediately re-elected for a second term.

4) The Secretary shall be elected by the ordinary members and shall serve for four years.

5) The Treasurer shall be elected by the ordinary members and shall serve for four years. The Treasurer will represent, according to his/her country’s laws, the Association in all financial activities, with the approval of the Executive Committee.

6) The eight others members of the Executive Committee shall be elected for a period of four years by the ordinary members on the proposal of the Committee or of individual ordinary members. Two members of the Executive Committee shall retire biannually.

7) Call for nominations for the Officers and Executive Committee members will be posted six months before the ENEA biannual scientific meeting.  The nominees’ profiles will posted on the ENEA website and voting will be done electronically. The successful candidates will be announced during the general assembly of the following ENEA biannual scientific meeting and approved by a two-thirds majority of the voting members.

8) The ENEA Officers and Executive Committee shall meet during the Biannual Scientific Meeting

9) The Executive Committee shall have the right to nominate subcommittees to work on specific problems.

Addendum for the transitory period 2012-2014:

The first President elected during the revision of the bylaws will be in office for two years, followed by two years during which he will serve as past president. This is the only time that a President shall serve as Past President.

In order to ensure a continuum, half of the Executive Committee members will not expire on 2014 and will continue to serve for two years.

Composition for 2012-2014
President: GK Stalla
President elect: A. Colao
Secretary: A Beckers
Treasurer: P Chanson

Composition for 2014-2016
President: A. Colao
Past President: GK Stalla
President elect:
Treasurer: P Chanson


The ENEA shall hold one Biannual Scientific Meeting.

Call for nominations for the host-country shall be announced at least three years in advance.

The date and place of the Biannual Meeting shall be decided by the Executive Committee and communicated to the General Assembly two years ahead, in order to facilitate the local organizer’s task.

The Committee shall nominate the organizer of the Meeting and the head of the Program Organizing Committee. The head of the POC together with the Executive Committee shall nominate the members of the POC. The choice of the members of the Local Organizing Committee is up to the organizer of the Meeting. The program of the Meeting should be submitted to the Executive Committee for suggestions and approval.


The fees for ordinary, affiliate and corporate members shall be decided by the Committee.

Members who fail to pay their fees for two years may have, after due notice from the Treasurer and by two-thirds majority vote of the Executive Committee, their membership withdrawn.

Affiliate members will pay a reduced membership fee for up to four calendar years. After that, the affiliate membership will automatically turn to ordinary.

Corporate members shall pay a minimum 10,000 € annually for at least two consecutive years. The fee for corporate members shall be adjusted by the Executive Committee.


The biannual accounts shall be submitted by the treasurer to two auditors who shall be ordinary members, not members of the Executive Committee, elected by the General Assembly two years ahead and these accounts shall be approved by the General Assembly at the Biannual Meeting.


These rules may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the General Assembly at any Biannual Meeting. Notice in writing of such a propose amendment must be given six months preceding the Biannual Meeting to the secretary who will inform all members of the ENEA by letter about the proposed amendment.


The termination of the ENEA shall be decided by two thirds majority vote of the members attending the General Assembly, if proposed by at least one third of the ordinary members. The General Assembly shall decide about the funds in the Treasury and pertinent documents of the ENEA in such a case.


The President, The President-Elect, The Secretary, The Treasurer,
Prof. G.K. Stalla Prof. A. Colao Prof. A. Beckers Prof. P. Chanson