The European Neuroendocrine Association (ENEA) was founded in the early 1980's to promote, assist and integrate neuroendocrinology in all its aspects, both basic and clinical, initially throughout the European continent. ENEA promotes basic and clinical research in neuroendocrine physiology, pathophysiology, oncology and therapeutics as well as in disciplines affected by neuroendocrinology like metabolism and psychiatry.

ENEA organizes biennial meetings to discuss and explore the latest research and concepts in current neuroendocrinology and also to educate and motivate endocrinologists in training and scientists contacting basic and translational research in neuroendocrinology and related fields.

ENEA has the following subcommittees:


Rolf Gaillard Prize

The prize of € 15,000 is donated by the "Fondation pour la Recherche en Endocrinologie, Diabetology et Métabolisme", which was founded in 2011 by the family of the late Prof. Rolf Gaillard.

Call for nominations for the 2020 Rolf Gaillard Prize are open! Deadline: April 15th, 2020

On the Rolf Gaillard prize, please find more information under About ENEA > Prizes.

ENEA Executive Committee

The 2018 group photo of the incoming and departing ENEA Executive Committee (from left to right):
Luis Perez Rivas (ExCom rep), Raul Luque, Krystallenia (Kristi) Alexandraki, Gregory Kaltsas, Maria Chiara Zatelli (new Secretary), Thierry Brue (new President), Ilan Shimon (new President elect), Patrick Petrossians (Treasurer), Clara Alvarez, Alberto Pereira (ex-President), Maria Tichomirowa, Davide Carvalho, Marily Theodoropoulou (ex-Secretary), Jacques Drouin

Liaison with Neuroendocrinology

On the 22nd of October 2017, the President of the ENEA, Alberto Pereira, and the Editor-in-Chief of Neuroendocrinology Robert Millar, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a partnership between ENEA and Neuroendocrinology. This historical agreement reinstates the already existing reduced subscription rates for the ENEA members and goes one step further by also waiving the publication charges. As such, Neuroendocrinology will be a medium through which the proceeding of ENEA meeting can be seen online and topics of interest generated during these meetings, including studies and guidelines, can become peer-reviewed and reach the general readership.

Partnership between Neuroendocrinology (NE) and the European NeuroEndocrine Association (ENEA):
Memorandum of Understanding (PDF)

European Pituitary Pathology Group

The European Pituitary Pathology Group (EPPG) is a working group that aims to convene European histopathologists and neuropathologists with interest and expertise in the field of pituitary and sellar pathology. Interested parties meet twice per year and each meeting consists on microscopic sessions to review and discussion of challenging cases. Participants are welcomed to bring and present their cases including clinical history and neuroimaging.

The EPPG goals are:

  • Diagnostic harmonization through the standardization of histological reports and routine immunohistochemical techniques
  • Training of young histopathologists and neuropathologists.

For more information on the EPPG work meetings and to be included in the emailing list, please contact the organizer:

Dr Chiara VILLA, MD, PhD
HOPITAL FOCH - Service d'Anatomie et Cytologie Pathologiques
40, rue Worth BP36 - 92151 Suresnes Cedex
Phone number +33 (0)1 46 25 75 30, Fax number +33 (0)1 46 25 26 45

You can follow the ENEA Young Researchers Committee in Twitter @ENEA_young


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