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Letter from the President (February 2014)

Dear colleague, dear friend,

A year passed since I was elected president of the European NeuroEndocrine Association – ENEA. It was a great honour, but also one loaded with the huge responsibility of bringing ENEA back to its feet after the sudden loss of its charismatic president, Rolf (Gaillard). Nevertheless, with the enormous help of a dedicated Executive Committee, some progress has been made towards the modernization of our society. To this end, we have

(a) updated the bylaws of the society,
(b) trusted the society to a standing office, and
(c) modernized the website.



The European Neuroendocrine Association (ENEA) was founded in the early 1980's to promote, assist and integrate neuroendocrinology in all its aspects, both basic and clinical, initially throughout the European continent. ENEA promotes basic and clinical research in neuroendocrine physiology, pathophysiology, oncology and therapeutics as well as in disciplines affected by neuroendocrinology like metabolism and psychiatry.

ENEA organizes biennial meetings to discuss and explore the latest research and concepts in current neuroendocrinology and also to educate and motivate endocrinologists in training and scientists contacting basic and translational research in neuroendocrinology and related fields.

ENEA has the following subcommittees:

In memoriam

In memoriam of the late Giovanni Faglia

In memoriam of the late ENEA president Rolf Gaillard


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